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(Due to my age and the fact that I do full time study, I get payments from the government. As part of this program, I get a concession card that gets me, among other things, cheaper train fairs. I notice that it’s going to expire in a couple of days, and I’ve heard nothing about renewing it, so I head down to my local branch to sort it out.)

(After a half hour wait, someone finally sees me. They inform me that there’s an online form I’m supposed to fill out from home. She sets me up on a computer to do it. Unfortunately, the website’s acting up, and after spending a good 20 minutes trying to access the form, we give up, and the woman decides to print off the form to do by hand. I receive the form, and it’s quite a stack of papers. It takes me a really long time to work through, and I am constantly having to flag down staff to assist me because it’s very poorly worded. I finally reach the end, where it tells me that I must include a bunch of documents including payslips and bank statements. Obviously I had none of this stuff on me, so I had to go all the way home, print it all off, and come all the way back again. Having now lost a good chunk of my day, I queue up once more to submit it. After another long wait, I finally see someone.)

Staff: “Yes, this all looks in order. You’re good to go. We’ll send out your new card in about a week.”

Me: “Ah sorry, but my card actually expires in two days, and I kind of need it for the trains.”

Staff: “No worries, if you give me a moment, I can print you off a temporary one.”

Me: “Great, thanks.”

Staf: “Huh? It’s not letting me. It says here that you’re card hasn’t expired. It’s still got another year on it. You must have misread it.”

Me: *showing her my card and pointing to the date* “No, it’s expired. See here.”

Staff: “Oh, you’re right. Ah, here we go. It says you’ve already renewed it.”

Me: “No I haven’t.”

Staff: “Says here you have. You must have come in a few weeks ago and filled out all this paperwork. Why did you come in and do it all again?”

Me: “I didn’t. This is the first time I’ve filled that out.”

Staff: “Oh hang on, I think it auto-renews.”

(She slides my paperwork back to me across the desk.)

Staff: “You didn’t need to fill this out. It automatically renewed. Your new card should arrive anytime now. Anything else I can help you with?”

(When I finally got home again, the mail had arrived. My new card was among it.)

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