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, | Unfiltered | November 15, 2020

(This took place the week before Christmas 2017. The supermarket I work at had been having a shortage of many fresh items, especially vegetables, as a result of poor deliveries. As expected a lot of people were frustrated)

Me: *working on reductions*

Customer: Excuse me, can i ask you to pass a message onto a manager for me?

Me: *thinking it’ll be another complaint* Yes, is course, if you like I can put a call out for one?

Customer: Don’t worry there’s no need to do that, I just wanted to say I’ve been very impressed with how the staff here have been handling the shortage of fresh and have been very polished in explaining to customers as to why it is.

Me: Wow, thank you so much! I’ll be sure to pass that message on

Customer: Thank you

(Later that shift)

Me: [Manager] can I pass a message onto you from a customer I spoke to earlier?

Manager: Sure

Me: *tells them what was said*

Managed: Wow! When you asked I thought it was going to be another complaint! I’m going to tell [store manager]

(Later that day it was then mentioned in the work Facebook page and we all got a bar of chocolate for coping.)

Question of the Week

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