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I program hearing aids for customers. Even when u had them for several years, getting a new one always takes a few weeks to adjust to the new system. A customer of mine (Several years of wearing something that “never satisfied his needs completely”) just got a pair of new ones and had it for 1 week. This exchange happened after i guided a lady down some stairs, which resulted in him waiting for a few Minutes:

Him: You know, u cant run a business if u dont center yourself around the customer. U cant be so selfish and let me wait, i have other things to do as well!

Looking back at the lady i helped a minute ago not to fall down and hurt herself:

Me: Sir, as in a doctors appointment, i always try to get things done in time for the next customer. But sometimes i cant plan ahead if someone has a quick question or needs an additional minute to get to or leave the place.

Him: Whatever, lets get on with it. But just to let you know, it is not “focus on the customer” to let me wait!

He then started to rant for 30 minutes about how unsatisfied he is, as well as complaining about what he didnt like about the new hearing systems and comparing things to “how good they were before i gave him something new”.

After some changes, he left, only to call back 2 days later:

Him: WHATEVER U PROGRAMMED, THESE CHANGES DONT WORK! THESE SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK. (Repeating how i dont focus on the customer and how selfish i am to do this to him… selfish? Really?)

He calmed somewhat down after that, but please dear readers, just for some Info. If u are in that position or a family member of yours is: Patience with them and/or YOURSELF is the greates virtue. Adjusting to a hearing system is something that needs time, and time cant be sped up by money nor good will.

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