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I went to have my oil changed at its typical time, I have a ten year old car but it doesn’t have 100,000 miles yet and has always been in good shape. I’m also a woman who clearly has limited knowledge of cars.

Mechanic: Changed your oil for you but your brakes are bad, you’ll need to get them replaced. We can do that right now.

Me: Really? I just had the back brakes replaced last year when it was inspected and they didn’t mention anything about the front brakes

Mechanic: Well they are bad, you need to get them replaced now.

Me: (very suspicious of his manner) I’ll just wait, my inspection is due in three months and see what they say.

He looks annoyed rather than concerned but just charges me for the oil change. Three months later I go in for my yearly state inspection and ask the man there to look at the brakes. He calls me later

Man: Car is in in good shape, nothing needed to be done on it so you just have to pay the inspection fee

Me: What about the brakes?

Man: Back brakes are great, no surprise since we replaced them last year. Your front brakes are fine, I doubt you’ll need to have them replaced for at least another year. Maybe more.

Confirmed my suspicions that the previous mechanic where I got my oil changed was trying to pull the wool over my eyes and pay $500 for brakes I didn’t need yet. Glad I trusted my instincts

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