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(My mother has taken me to the mall for shoe-shopping for school. It is not going well. {I’m 14 and we’re new in the country so unfortunately she’s got very little idea of local norms.}
She’s dragged me into a fancy shoe boutique.)

Mom: “Oh, look at these, [My Name], these are such great shoes, aren’t they?! Let’s have you try these on!”

(These “great” shoes on display are very garish bedazzled lace-up strappy sandals with a glass platform and 5-inch spike heel. I am horrified. I’ve never worn any kind of high heel in my life, and my mother knows it.)

Me: *backing away from the shoes in alarm* “No. No way.”

Mom: *turns with a nasty glare at me* “What. What do you mean, “No”?!”

Me: “I mean no. I can’t be wearing anything like that to school. They’re ugly.”

Mom: *angrily* “Why you ungrateful wretch! What the fuck is wrong with you?! How dare you refuse?!”

Me: “….”

Mom: “Do you know what I wouldn’t give right now to be your age and be able to wear these shoes to school?! You’re just so fucking ungrateful!!”

Me: “But I can’t! I can’t wear those and I can’t ever wear them to school!! No one there wears…”

Mom: *Cuts me off, whisper-yelling at me* “Just what the hell is wrong with you again?! Why do you keep doing this shit?! Why do you keep being so stubborn and stupid about perfectly normal things?! Those are great shoes for school!!!”

(My mother has *never* set foot in my high school. Everyone there wears sneakers, boots, sandals and flip-flops, as well as t-shirts, sweaters and jeans. It’s *extremely* rare to ever see anyone in so much as a dress or skirt, except for the cheerleaders. In all my years at this HS, the only girl whom I’d ever see in high-heeled shoes and obvious makeup would be stared at like an alien and relentlessly made fun of behind her back.

I briefly imagine the scene that would ensue if I ever turned up in my HS wearing these hooker-shoes, then shudder in horror.)

Me: *with blank shock in my face* “No! I can’t! I can’t even walk in anything like that! And… and… they’re ugly! … And I can never wear that kind of… of… thing…. to school!”

Mom: “Why you… ” *Shouting now* How dare you!!! You’re the most unreasonable and ungrateful child that anyone’s ever had the misfortune to be saddled with!!! I can’t believe you’re choosing to be such a pain in the ass!!! Here I am, making an effort, bringing you to buy expensive shoes that are THE HEIGHT OF FASHION here and you just have to spit in my face, don’t you?! DON’T YOU?!?!”

Me: “…” *I look down in misery*

Mom: *threateningly* “You’re going to put these on and that’s final, you ungrateful brat!!! These are GREAT shoes! They’re PERFECT for you and we’re buying them for your school wardrobe!!!”

*I just stand silently and try to tune out of existence.*

(There was more angry yelling and threats, and though I didn’t say another word, since arguing was clearly futile, I also just wouldn’t move physically any closer to the shoes.

I have not the slightest doubt that, were we not in public, this would’ve ended up with a true full-volume hysterics-fuelled tantrum on her part. Fortunately, we were in public, and she soon realized people were quickly staring to pay attention – and that to them she likely looked plain out crazy.

She huffed for show very loudly, glared at me meanly, and dragged me out of there in a cloud of frustration and hot anger. I have no further memory of that day and I’m not sure how long it took for me to get usable shoes that year.

Funnily enough, by the time I was in senior year of high school, she’d completely shut up about her ideas of American “fashion”, and was regularly buying sneakers and even *clogs*, for me and herself. I assume this was a function of finally getting out into the real world via getting a job, and seeing how *real humans* are dressing themselves around here.)

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