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I was really into theater as a high school student, and often spent most of my free time before or after class helping out in the theater department. There were several of us who volunteered, and we’d sometimes be alone in the building while working on sets, props, etc. The only area of the theater building we weren’t allowed to go into without a teacher was the light rigging area in the ceiling, for obvious safety reasons. Because of this, though, hardly anyone went up there unless there was a play or school function in production.

One afternoon, I arrived to help the theater teacher and found the entrance to the building blocked off. The teacher was waiting outside, looking pretty upset. It turned out, they’d found an older homeless woman living in the light rigging area in the ceiling! The teacher was waiting while the police and our school resource officer searched the rest of the building.

They had no idea how long she’d been up there, but they’d found a stack of old blankets and at least a dozen empty liquor bottles. It didn’t even occur to me until I was home later that night, that the woman must have been up there while we were all in our theater classes! Considering how much she was drinking, it was also a miracle she didn’t roll off the lighting platform, since there was no guard rail or anything up there.

The school didn’t press charges, since it seemed like she didn’t have any malicious intent being there and never approached any of the students, and all the locks on the doors in the building were replaced. However, we also weren’t allowed to volunteer in the building without a teacher there anymore.

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