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I was job shadowing my aunt at her job in a local movie theater/pub, and I volunteered to help hand out menus to customers coming in and those sitting down. I went up to an elderly couple who sat at an empty table meant for a party of about 10 or 12. I asked them if they’d like a menu and the lady shot me a glare before rudely refusing. I backed away and let the rest of the party join them. As more and more people joined the group at the table, I decided to try again and asked the new members if they’d like a menu. The same lady side-eyed me before rolling her eyes and saying “Oh /please/”. Everyone at the table shot me a glare while my aunt looked at me strangely. I slowly backed away once more and stood in my stationary spot at the head of the pub while my aunt handled the rest of the order. I tried not to let what had just happened get to me, but I have very unstable emotions and I ended up walking to the bathroom to cry and let out some frustrations. I don’t know if she had had a bad day or something, but it isn’t very nice to take it out on a 14 year old girl who’s just volunteering for a place she has no experience at. Heck, I even had a name tag specifically made for me for the occasion. Stating that I was just job shadowing and did not know what I was doing.

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