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Background: I don’t know if they do it this way still, but back in the late 90s, sailors living on the ships could get “Space A” (space available) rooms in the barracks for a night or two, if there were any available. I’ve done it myself a few times just to sleep in a real bed and relax – at a fraction of what a hotel would charge.

Of course there’s a catch… It’s still a barracks room, so all the regular rules apply – such as no guests after 9pm etc. Oh and while I never had it happen, there’s always the chance you could get stuck with a roommate.

Enter [Female sailor] who apparently got written up by her boss. Most of the day I heard her complain about it, even to me.

Female sailor: I can’t believe this!
Me: What?
Female sailor: You’re allowed to get a Space-A room right?
Me: Yes.
Female sailor: Well, Senior Chief sucks! He wrote me up for having a Space A room! I’m allowed to do that! It’s not my fault they couldn’t find me. I’m allowed to go out on liberty!
Me: What that’s not right.
Female sailor: Exactly! I’m so mad!!!

As I said, she told a lot of people about this… so it was almost not surprising that later on, word got out about what REALLY happened. An emergency call came in for her and she couldn’t be located on board. While that also can be frustrating for a command, it’s not against the rules; sailors can spend the night elsewhere without telling anyone where they are, as long as they get back on time (and sober).

What *WAS* against the rules – and what she really got written up for – was that they found her sleeping in her boyfriend’s barracks room. So yeah, she ran around trying to make her senior chief look bad, when in fact her writeup was completely valid.

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