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, | Unfiltered | November 14, 2020

I work at a clinic and we have had a VERY busy day getting people in and out as all appointment slots are full. I go to call back a patient just a few minutes past the top of the hour and his appointment time. He checked in over an hour before his appointment time, as some patients who dont own cars do.
I call his name to come back and as he clears the door, he starts saying, loudly, “I will not be treated like this!” I open my mouth to apologize for ( being only) 5 minutes past his appointment time. He starts almost yellng “I AM A MAN, I AM A MAN” . I ask him to please not talk to me like that and step back from him. “I AM A MAN”. About this time one of the female nurses come over to him and walked him into one of the exam rooms.
Found out later he had been denied a transplant ( for a medical reasons) but had not been told why. He just decided to take it out on me.

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