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I go to the pharmacy department of a ‘super sized’  location of a major retailer.

It’s about 2:25 pm and the gates to the pharmacy counter are down with a sign apologizing for being closed for lunch.

There are about 4 people ahead of me in line, though I am in a hurry, I decided to stay since the sign states that they will reopen in 5 minutes.

Four minutes later, the gates reopen, and the pharmacist is at the counter alone, as her support staff hasn’t returned yet.  She greets the first man in line.

Pharmacist:  “Thank you for waiting.  How may I help you, sir?”

Man:  “I’m here to pick up my prescription, under (Name).

The pharmacist verifies more personal information with the man.

Man: (As the pharmacist is ringing up the order) “You know, I had to wait 10 minutes for you guys to open!  That’s  just RIDICULOUS that -”

Pharmacist:  (Cutting the man off, in a tone that is both mocking, and professional) “Yes, sir, it IS ridiculous that I have to work a 10 hour shift, and am only allowed 20 minutes to sit down and eat in the BACK of this store.  I’m SO SORRY that you had to wait.  Your total is (amount).”

The man says nothing further,  refuses to make eye contact with anyone, pays and leaves.

By then her staff has returned, the pharmacist goes to the back of the work area, immediately answering the phone that had been ringing since she opened the gate. The staff makes short work of the rest of the people in line, who all are friendly to the workers.  I was out the door in less than 10 minutes total.

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