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(I work in a funeral home and was once working the funeral of a woman who unfortunately passed away young. Her family and friends were all around at the visitation and it was a pretty somber atmosphere. The woman was apparently a rugby player and she was lying in the open casket wearing a rugby uniform. Her rugby cleats are by the flower and her portrait by the casket).

Young kid, probably a cousin or something: “I’m going to go say bye to *name of deceased*”

(The kid weaves through the crowd towards the open casket and looks at the deceased woman for a while. While no one is really looking for a second I see him lift the satin sheet on the lid up and look under the lower lid. He marches with a great deal of intent towards the cleats and takes them.)

His (mortified) Mother under her breath: “Put those back THIS INSTANT.”

Kid, in a normal voice: “*name of deceased* is barefoot, she needs to have the rugby cleats on, I can put them in.”

Mother: “We talked about this, she’s barefoot so she can be comfy resting in the nice casket.”

Kid: “We got her Spongebob pajamas for her birthday and she told you she can’t sleep except naked, remember?”

(By now people are staring. You’ll never know what people remember you telling them.)

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