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, | Unfiltered | November 13, 2020

(On this night I was the acting supervisor. One of our part-time employees came in with her brother and started browsing around. The part-timer is a very awkward and shy girl, but also very sweet. They’re both about seventeen. This all happens in a full store.)

Brother: *to his sister* Find me these games NOW.

Sister: I’m not working right now, so I don’t have to do that. I’m looking for my own stuff. Just go through alphabetically, it’s not hard.

Brother: NO. Mom and Dad told you to take me here and help me, so you WILL find this for me NOW.

Sister: You need to calm down, you’re causing a scene.

Brother: *yelling so loud the whole store can hear him* You’re causing a f****** scene because you won’t do your job! You need to find this for me now or I’m telling Mom and Dad that you’re being a b**** again!

(The girl looks really upset and all the patrons in the store look very uncomfortable. I excuse myself from my current customers and walk over to them.)

Me: *to brother* I need you to calm down or leave the store.

Sister: *laughing* Yeah, bro, you’re in serious trouble alright!

Me: I’m serious. He is causing a scene and making people uncomfortable. As an employee of this store you should know this behavior is unacceptable.

(The brother looks pale as a ghost and starts to walk away, but not before shoving his sister hard and giving one last parting shot:)

Brother: Look what you f****** did. I’m telling Mom and Dad how much of a c*** you are. Not like they don’t already know. We all wish you were dead already.

(With this he walks out of the store, and I go back to my customers. A little later the girl comes up to check out, clearly shaken.)

Sister: Please don’t ban my brother. He was only joking around.

Me: [Sister], I’m not stupid. I know when people are joking, and he wasn’t. You can let your brother know he’s banned from the store. If there is any backlash because of this, please give my name to your parents and have them call me. I will let them know you did nothing wrong, and he is entirely responsible for his actions.

Sister: I understand. Am I in trouble?

Me: Of course not! As I said, you didn’t do anything wrong, and you’re off the clock. You’re fine. Would you like me to call your parents and speak to them personally?

Sister: No, I’ll handle everything.

(She seemed really scared, but left without another word. As time went on I could tell things were a bit off with her. She seemed more distracted as time went on, and always seemed scared to say or do something wrong. She left not long after. I still wonder what happened to her, and regret that night. At the time I felt like I was doing the right thing, but now I wonder if I should have handled things differently to make things easier on her. I just hope that she’s doing better and has gotten away from her horrible brother.)