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(A customer walks into the store where I was working. It was my second week working here and still pretty nervous. Most of this I can’t remember what happened due to something happening. The following occurred. )

Me: Hi, how can I help you?
Customer: *rattles off long order* And hurry up!
Me: Okay, that will come to $**.** and will be ready in 15 minu-
Customer: How the f*** does that come to that amount you f****** robber!
Me: *taken back by this* Um, they are $12.95 and by adding the half and half to your order that increases the amount.
Customer: What will it be if I just get one of them!?
Me: Okay, that will be $15.95 is-
Customer: You f****** robber stupid c*** sucker! Is there no respect for the badge anymore!?!
Me: I don’t understand what you are saying, sir.
Customer: *Screams* Just f****** die you stupid b****
*Customer then throws a menu at me and then grabs a glass bottle out of his jacket’s pocket and throws it at my face. It shatters and cuts my face up bad. Luckily, missing my eye with no damage to it. It was thrown hard enough to make me dazed and fall backward, I then passed out. I woke up later and couldn’t remember the ordeal. If you must know the customer got 7 years in Jail for the act and is still in there today as of writing this.

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