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I work in a department store in a pretty “white-bread” suburb, and while we aren’t the most expensive store around, we aren’t in a “trashy” part of town either; but, I have seen some things personally, and heard of a lot more, among them: A woman and man (her new boyfriend?) were shopping, in the men’s department, when another man (the ex?) comes in and at first things are “just” unsettling, trading insults, saying ‘you can’t touch me’, etc,. Then it all devolves into a regular fistfight, right there in the store, in the middle of the men’s clothing, causing managers and security to come and try to break it up. Another time, same place, I saw a couple of girls (aged, maybe 20s?), come “running” down the escalator, and our security guy with them, apparently trying to arrest them. They must have been extremely stoned/high, etc, because they were fighting, physically fighting the security guy, so hard that they ended up taking him and about 3-4 male managers down with them, while another manager called the cops while the rest tried to hold the girls down. A lot of us workers were pretty shaken up with that, for a while.

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