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(Little background. I work night shift for security, 5 days a week, from 10 pm to 6 am. I normally have a patrol person who can investigate stuff happening but they leave between 12 pm and 3 am, tonight they left at 12 pm. I am not allowed to leave the building, I have to keep an eye on all the cameras, answer the gate phone, and answer the general phone. Lastly this property is made up of a number of individual properties that are owned by different people and rented out or lived in full time, the property is managed by a board of directors made up of owners who are elected by other owners. I get this call at about 2 am, the building I work at is called central, so I just answer as that.)

Me: Hello Central

Caller: Yes, hello I need you to send patrol to tow my car. I took a wrong turn, tried to turn around in a parking lot, and bottomed out. Send patrol to tow my car out.

Me: I’m sorry sir but all of my patrol personnel have left for the night, they won’t be back until at the earliest 7 am. Further more even if they were here they couldn’t do anything for you. Our trucks aren’t fitted to tow other vehicles and they couldn’t take the risk of damaging your car or (Company) property. I can give you the number of a tow truck company that we recommend but as it’s not winter and there is no snow they likely are closed till the morning.

Caller: That’s unacceptable send patrol out here now. I’m stuck and I need to get home.

Me: Like I said sir I cannot send patrol because they have all gone home, I haven’t had patrol for nearly 2 hours.

Caller: Then you get in the truck and come help me.

Me: I’m sorry sir I can’t leave the building I’m in as I’m the only person here to answer the phones.

Caller: Hold on, I’m going to check something out.

(The caller hangs up, I assume to check to see how badly his car is stuck and if he can get it out himself. He calls back a little while later.)

Me: Hello Central.

Caller: I need you to look up the phone number of this car and call them and ask them to come help me. It’s (make and color of a very common car).

Me: Sir that is a very common car, with just that I get well over a hundred results. And even if I found it why should I call them when you can simply go knock on their door?

Caller: I don’t want to get shot!

(I’m very confused by this as the last thing I would expect when politely knocking on someones door would be to get shot. This is rural Georgia but still, shooting a guy at the door simply for knocking is quite a leap of logic.)

Me: Sir I don’t think you will get shot simply for knocking on a persons door and asking for help. And even then what could they do?

Caller: I don’t want to get shot just find the number matching the car and call them and tell them to come out here and help me.

Me: Sir unless they have a tow truck they won’t be of any more help to you than me.

(Caller is getting more and more agitated, at this point he is starting to yell.)

Caller: Well this is unacceptable. Call your Manager and have them send a patrol car out to help me then if you’re so useless.

Me: Alright I will call my supervisor, is it alright to call you back at this number?

Caller: Yes, now hurry I don’t want to get shot out here.

(At this point it’s about 2:15 to 2:20 in the morning, I call the roads and grounds supervisor, as that’s what the sign on the board says to do for vaguely this type of situation. He says there’s nothing his people can do even if he was willing to wake them up for it, and I should call the patrol manager. I call him, he is a really nice guy and I always feel bad about calling him in the middle of the night. He tells me pretty much what I already know, patrol can’t do anything, not even give him a ride as it’s against company policy to have non-employees in the trucks. I call the guy back and tell him)

Me: Hello again. As I told you, and my supervisors agreed, we can’t offer anything other than to offer you the number of a tow truck company. And again they likely won’t be open till the morning.

Caller: (yelling) That is unacceptable. I am an owner on the board. If I was a guest do you thing I would ever rent here again? do you think I would ever rent here again?(He just repeats this sentence over and over for over a minute, not even giving me a chance to respond. At this point I’m pissed and just hang up on him.)

About a minute or two after I hung up he called back, probably when he realized the line was disconnected.

Me: Hello Central.

Caller: Did you just hang up on me?

Me: No sir I did not, we have been having trouble with our phone lines since the last storm.

Caller: Oh alright. (he actually believed this, which is nice, since it was a complete lie, our phones are land lines and never go down.) But do you think a guest would ever rent here again after how you have treated me?

Me: Sir I don’t know. For one that is a question for booking or reservation, I only work security. Secondly it doesn’t matter who you are I can’t do anything for you.

Caller: There must be something you can do. I’m a board member and I’m stuck out here with to female friends. Call your manager and tell him it’s (Callers name) at (Callers lot number) and he must do something.

Me: Alright give me a minute.

(I call my manager, the patrol security one, and tell him what’s been going on. He says he has never heard of a board member by that name but even if he was a board member it wouldn’t change what we could do. He is finally getting annoyed by it, he is a really nice guy and it takes a lot to get him agitated. He says the only thing we can offer him is to call the sheriffs department to do something, likely give him a ride home. I apologize to my manager for waking him at such an hour for something so annoying.)

Me: Hello sir I have spoken with my manager and there isn’t anything I can offer except- (He cuts me off)

Caller: I am a board member, you need to show me respect and send a patrol car to get me out of this ditch.

(I’m fed up at this point but some how remain professional.)

Me: Sir even if I had patrol there is nothing they could do. Our trucks aren’t fitted to tow cars, and they can’t take the risk of damaging either your car or our trucks. They couldn’t even give you a ride as it’s against company policy to have non-employees in the trucks. All patrol could do is sit there with you until a tow truck comes in the morning.

Caller: This is outrageous, give me your name I will be reporting your and have you fired.

(An important note is that I’m actually the son of the General Manager of the property, and while the GM is an employee of the board, I am an employee of the security department, so there is nothing this guy could do to get me fired. Not even make my dads job harder as I highly doubt he is a board member. And the only reason I took this job was to help my dad, the security manager, not the one I called, is always complaining about being short staffed. Plus the pay was good. But I didn’t even care if he got me fired, I was planning on leaving soon anyway.)

Me: Fine I’m (my name).

Caller: Thank you now how are you going to help me.

(At this point I know he isn’t a board member. My family has a bit of an unusual last name, and we are the only people in the area to have it. And all of the board members know who I am and I’ve met several. So if he didn’t imminently recognize me or at least my last name he isn’t on the board.)

Me: Sir all I can do is offer to call the sheriffs department and have them send a patrol car to either wait with you or give you a ride home.

Caller: ……

Me: Sir? Mr. (callers names)


Me: Sir? Are you there?

this went on for nearly a minute before I hung up. he never called back and I never heard anything from him and I didn’t get fired. Later found out from a coworker that he was driving drunk with two women, who were likely hookers, and ran his car into a ditch. And the reason he ghosted me was because he didn’t want to get arrested. And found out from my dad that he was an owner who was well known for giving people a hard time and being an all around pain.

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