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A major German-owned supermarket chain has been running a fruit and veg-themed promotion for kids, and right now they’re giving away one free seed pot (a tiny compostable pot, a compressed soil puck, and some fruit/veg/herbs seeds in a piece of tissue-like paper) for every X-amount spent. I decided to plant them with our toddler to teach her about caring for plants as well as having some “free” veg and herbs, since we live in a tiny apartment with no garden or green space. I’ve put the repotted seedlings along the top of the wall of our shared steps with some other plants I’ve been given or grown from seeds in the corner underneath, including a large container that needs more soil before putting plants in it.

Last week I was showing our mini-garden to my sister-in-law when we noticed some new seed pots had been thrown into the big planter. I have no idea who did this or why, but we’ve got two of Toddler’s favourite vegetables and another herb waiting to go outside. Thank you, mystery neighbour!

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