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(My brother has very wiry, curly hair and regularly grows a beard. My very sociable toddler currently shares everything she knows with everyone who looks at her, which is usually well-received even if they don’t understand everything she says. We were at the checkout of a local pharmacy with a young man whose appearance I didn’t note too closely at first…)

Cashier: *to toddler* “Hello!”

Toddler: “*sleepily garbled* just like [brother, whose nickname could be misheard as Curly]!!”

Cashier: “What was that?”

Me: *looking up, catching on* “OH! She’s saying you’re like her uncle. My brother has curly hair and a beard too. ”

Toddler: “[Brother’s nickname]!”

Cashier: *amused* “Curly hair, yeah?”

Me: *to Toddler* “Yes, like [Brother’s nickname, much clearer] . *to cashier* Sorry, she’s in the Captain Obvious phase right now. And she points out everything and is a total parrot….”

(He was very pleasant throughout but hopefully it made his day a little brighter. Of all the people she could have chanced on, I’m glad it was as harmless an observation and as good-humoured a person…)

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