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(I am in my community college’s computer lab, where there are 80+ highly-in-demand computers for the use of all the college’s 20,000+ students. As one might guess, the lab is meant for quiet work. There are signs posted forbidding talking or any other loud noise.
A guy sits down a row over from me, fusses about with his computer for 5-10 min, then starts talking very loudly at his computer. After a minute it’s clear he’s recording some presentation for a class. A student employee then comes over and interrupts him.)

Student Employee: “Sir, you can’t talk loudly in the lab, you need to stop that.”

Guy: “But I’m doing a presentation.”

Student Employee: “I can see that, sir, but you can’t talk loudly in this computer lab.”

Guy: “But I’m doing a presentation for my class.”

Student Employee: “It doesn’t make any difference what you’re doing. You can’t make loud noise in this lab. There are even signs posted.”

Guy: “But I need to do my presentation for my class. It should only take 5 minutes or so!”

Student Employee: “Sir, there are signs posted forbidding loud talking. You are bothering all the other students working here. This lab is not the place to record voice presentations.”

Guy: “But this is the student computer lab. I need to do my class presentation.”

Student Employee: “I understand, sir, but this is not permitted in this lab. You must go somewhere else. Do you see all these other dozens of students here who are also working? Quietly? Your loud behavior is interrupting all of them. You must go do this elsewhere.”

Guy: “But I won’t be long! Promise! It’ll only take about 5 minutes!”

Student Employee: “Sir…”

(And on and on and on, and on, and on it went in circles. The dude refused to get the very simple principle of this being a quiet lab. There are in fact a few other labs on campus; some of which might have permitted a presentation recording. He chose to come do this at the most popular and in-high-use lab; the only one that’s got free printing.
It took the employee at least 5 minutes of arguing to finally get this guy to shut up and leave.)