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, , | Unfiltered | November 12, 2020

I was using a public bathroom in the mall and saw this awkward situation happening as I wash washing up.

Teenager: *nervously talking to the cleaning woman* Excuse me, but I was just in that stall and the toilet won’t flush. *points*

Cleaning lady: Yes, it does

Teenager: No, it doesn’t, I tried

Cleaning lady: You have to push down *makes a big mocking show of pretending to flush an invisable toilet*

Teenager: I did that, it doesn’t flush. I think its broken

Cleaning lady: You stupid child, don’t even know how to flush a toilet!

Teenager: *washes hands and leaves without a word*

Cleaning lady: *to me* What a stupid girl, she can’t even go the bathroom by herself!

Me: *watches her go into stall and realize that it really is broken* Maybe don’t assume next time!

Cleaning lady: *Glares at me as I leave*