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(It’s around 5:00 pm, and I’m alone in my department, as everyone else had already gone home. I’m not feeling the best, as I had broken up with my boyfriend the day before, and even though it was mutual and we’d decided to stay friends, I was still upset. While I’m cleaning up, a young couple in their 20s comes up to the counter, laughing. As they are clearly deciding on what to get, I keep working, waiting for them to decide. The young man then looks up at me, and says with a smile:)
Boyfriend: Hi, could we get the Boston cream cake, please?
Me: Of course, no problem!
(I bend down to grab the cake out of the display case, then set it on the counter for them to see).
Me: Would you like anything written on it?
(The couple look at each other, laughing and smiling before the girl turns to me).
Girlfriend: Happy Birthday Dick.
(I start laughing, thinking they’re joking. Spoiler: They are completely serious.)
Boyfriend: If you’re artistic, could you also draw a dick on it too?
Me: Um, I would, but I could get in trouble with my boss.
Boyfriend: Oh, that’s okay.
Girlfriend: Well, you could put in in a box instead of a clear plastic container, then no one would see.
Me: Alright then!
(I then bring the cake over to the back counter, and, in lime green icing, I write “Happy Birthday Dick” with two penises “ejaculating” (little lines out the top), then show them).
Me: *While laughing* Is this okay?
Both: *also laughing* It’s perfect!
(I print the label, put the penis cake in a box, then stick the label on. I then walk around the counter to pass them the cake).
Me: *still laughing* Here you go, and enjoy!
Girlfriend: Thank you so much!
(They leave, laughing. To that random couple who I will probably never see again: thanks for making a teen girl laugh and feel better about everything. You honestly made my day!).

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