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(My best friend and I are total opposites. She likes cats, I like dogs. She likes comics, I like manga. We often joke about it and the only thing we really agreed on was moving in together so we could both get to school easier. We stay out of each other’s love life and only ask brief questions about it to each other. Which led to this conversation one day.)

Friend: *Sitting at the table finishing up some homework* “You know I’m gay.”

Me: *Cooking breakfast* “Okay…?”

Friend: “Now you need to come out that you’re straight.”

Me: *Looks at her* “What?”

Friend: “We’re opposites. I’m gay so your straight.”

Me: “I’m not straight… I’m bi.”

Friend: “No, you have to be straight.”

Me: “No, I don’t. Sure we can be opposites in a lot of things but I know what I am. Heck you met my girlfriend just last week.”

Friend: “Yeah, your girl space friend. I’m gay so your straight.”

Me: “[Friend], I’m not straight. I’m bi, I have a girlfriend, end of discussion.”

Friend: “No! You have to be straight!”

Me: *Getting a little fed up* “Why exactly do I need to be straight? We agreed we wouldn’t talk about our love life to the other and that’s what your doing.”

Friend: “But we are opposites! If I’m gay then your straight. That’s how it’s been since we met.”

Me: “Well, I’m not being straight because I’m not. You can be gay all you want, but at this moment. Guess what, I’m gay too.”

(I left and stayed with my sister for a few days and when I came back my friend apologised for being rude. She claimed it was because she didn’t get enough sleep. I decided to forgive her as I didn’t really have any other place to go, but every once in awhile she still asks me if I’m straight yet. My girlfriend and I have been still going strong I think just to spite her.]

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