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, | Unfiltered | November 11, 2020

I work at a small store. One day a woman comes in, and wants to use a coupon. When the coupon won’t scan I look at it and see it’s 2 years old. The woman reacts very confused to this, and insists she got it when shopping here yesterday. I think that is not possible, but just tell her that the coupon is no longer usable. She insists I get a manager. When the manager comes the woman tells her that one of the cashiers gave her the coupon during her transaction the day before. She perfectly describes a coworker, who was working yesterday. While my manager is explaining to her that her coupon doesn’t work and that she won’t get the percentage off, the woman is looking at the register. She suddenly starts pointing to a box under it and tells my manager to look at it. My manager humors her to get her to leave. When looking through the box we find that it is full of old coupons, some even more than 5 years old. We go get my coworker, who gave the woman the coupon in the first place. Apparently someone from upper management had insisted that my coworker use this specific box, and my coworker had done as ordered. My manager contacted upper management (I was not informed of the result of that call), the box was thrown away and the woman got an apology and a discount bigger than on the coupon on the items she had wanted to buy.

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