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I play a facebook where there are different things released during the midnight hour. The hour adjusts for each player. There is a way to get midnight stuff outside of midnight with equipment stats but I’ll ignore that part.

This is what I read in a player help group run admininstrated by experienced users.

Player 1: Can you tell me when midnight hour is?
Player 2: Your own time. But there is a daylight savings error so for some players it actually starts at 1 am. But it’s always consistent.
Playper 1: But I live in Italy, I don’t know American time.
Players 3,4: Midnight hour is your own midnight hour or 1 am.
Player 1: Not my midnight, I need to know when the game’s midnight is.
Player 5: The game knows when your midnight is, by your IP address I suppose.
Player 1: When is the game’s midnight hour?
Player 2: We all told you, your own damn midnight. If you don’t get the special stuff, try 1am. Just try it and you’ll see.
Player 1: Well, that worked somehow, I got the special midnight stuff at midnight for me.
Player 6: That’s what everyone told you…

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