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This story takes place a few months after I got my provisional license- I’m 17. Driving to school during the first rain storm we’ve had in months, I aquaplane my car across 4 lanes of busy traffic. Luckily I miss all the signs and other cars and end up half on, half off the curb on the other side. I of course burst into tears and sit in my car for a minute. A car driving on the side of the road I came from watches me crash and keeps driving. I pull myself together enough to call my dad. He says he’ll be there in 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cars a driving by, one of them even honks me! I climb out of the car in time to see a black 4wd pull up behind me. A lady had seen my car and done a u-turn to come help me. She gives me tissues and waits with me until my dad pulls up. After she left and my dad and I had established that the rear axle was busted, a it’s pulled up. He happened to have some towing gear in the tray and got my car onto the sidewalk.
Thank you to the two kind souls who helped a scared teenager in the rain, even though it made you late for work. It restored the faith in humanity I had just lost.

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