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I heard that one of my older female teachers was a nurse in the Vietnam War. I asked her for a story during her time as a nurse and what she told me was the saddest thing I heard.
She was a nurse in a terminal hospital. That means that the soldiers there are dying and are unable to be moved. She had been there for months seeing people dying around her ;and being unable to do anything but try to feed them and make them feel comfortable. She heard them cry out that they want to go home and be with their family. What struck her was that she saw a man that was from her high school. He was glad that he had a her because she was a piece from home. She had held his hand when he passed away a day later.
Another incident was that the letters the girlfriends from the soldiers were sending. In the letters, the girlfriends would break up with them because they don’t want to be with an amputee. So her and the other nurses would take all the letters and burn them far away from the hospital.

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