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I’m 17, though everyone I know has said “You look at least (multiple years older) at some point in my life. I’ve just gotten my first job, and as my birthday is in November, I’m still only in 11th grade. I’m working as a cashier when this happens; Note, I cry really easily;
Old lady, who’s been perfectly pleasant so far; You should be ashamed.
Me; I’m sorry?
Customer; You’re at least 23, and you’re still working in a grocery store! When I was your age, I worked at the hospital.
Me; Um, I’m only-
Customer; Only in college, yata yata. So what?! You need to find a job, you lazy f**k!
Me; I-I- *starts tearing up*
My manager; Hey, lady! Leave her alone.
Customer; *before turning around;* You’re probably her lazy a** boyfriend, who doesn’t have a job ei- *turns around and looks straight at a 5 ‘9 man’s chest*
My manager; Actually, I’m her manager. And you’re being incredibly rude to my employee. And, for the record, she’s only 17.
Customer; *shocked*
She left really fast, barely even remembering her cart full of bags, and I haven’t seen her once in the week since that happened.

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