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My husband’s boss calls to tell him that he saw a secondhand camera like one he’s been looking for at a local fishing trade show, a couple of miles away. It’s a good price, and in reasonable condition. My husband’s busy on a project for a meeting with him later in the day, so I volunteer to go get it.

I have no trouble locating the booth, and notice that the booth attendant is wearing a distinctive shirt. The camera’s what we’re looking for, so I pay for it and take it home.

Boss drops by later that day to check on the project’s progress, and I decide to use the hat to have some fun with him.

Me: Thanks so much, Boss, for the tip! But why didn’t you warn me?
Boss: Warn you about what?
Me: Didn’t you read the guy’s shirt?
Boss: I don’t think I noticed it.
Me: It said “The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Fly.”
Boss, momentarily speechless.
Husband breaks out laughing, and I can’t keep a straight face any more.

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