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For as long as I can remember, my younger brother has had learning disabilities. He struggles socially, was picked on aa lot, had difficulty concentrating, became easily frustrated, and generally hated his schooling, despite the fact that he is exceptionally intelligent. By age 15 he had been incorrectly diagnosed with all sorts of mental handicaps ranging from autism to bipolar disorder to clinical depression. He was put into several rehab facilities, and given such high levels of various medications that he could barely function. He went to four different high schools without ever earning a pass in 10th grade. All his life he was told he would never obtain a real education by doctors, phycologists, teachers and peers.

At the age of 18, he decided he’d had enough of doctors, went off all his medication, and started seeing a life coach and doing an online course to obtain his GED (which is not offered in our country). In the space of 4 months he was able to achieve his GED in science within the top 20 mark category (after having never passed a science test in standard schooling), and is now aiming to complete his other subjects in time to go to university next year to get a degree in film.

My brother has spent his entire life being told he would never be good enough, only to prove that he is well beyond ordinary. I’ll admit, my brother is very quirky and different, but he proved to so many people that just because you don’t fit into the norm doesn’t mean you can’t achieve greatness.

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