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I had just pulled my cart to the self-checkout at the store and I was hearing heated words behind me. There were a ThirtySomething and a FortySomething who apparently rubbed each other the wrong way. I had been ignoring them until I heard:

ThirtySomething: You have to have a gun because you can’t fight.

FortySomething: [mumbles indistinct curses below his breath as he continued checking his things.]

At this point, since one of them walked off as if to leave the store, I kept to my business and thought “the world needs more grownups.” I figured I had seen the whole of the event. I was wrong. A little over 10 minutes later, I had my things bagged and paid. I headed for the exit and as I did I noticed that the ThirtySomething was only then leaving the store just ahead of me. I thought he had been gone a while. Then I noticed a sheriff’s deputy just standing down and talking to a manager. I caught only brief words as I passed by but I gathered the deputy was explaining to the manager how to handle such things in the future. I figured NOW it all had to be over. Nope. At the moment the TwentySomething and I were about to split to our two vehicles, the FortySomething came driving toward us. He takes both hands off the wheel, fakes holding a gun and pulls an imaginary trigger and mimes shooting the TwentySomething. Nobody is getting shot, but the idiot has deliberately lost control of his car and is headed toward me! He realizes at the last moment that he’s gone beyond stupid and hits the brakes and stops barely in time. Had he hit me under normal circumstances, I might have been knocked down, dusted myself off and moved on. However, I just had an angiogram and had all kinds of dire warnings from my doctors about stressing my main artery and bleeding to death. I might be safely past that point, but a loon in a p***ing contest with someone else doesn’t get to test it.

I glared at him briefly, then headed to my car thinking “the world STILL needs more grownups.”

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