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So a little backstory on this. I voluntered at a kids carnival in my town for the last 15 years (Since i was a kid even). I have never had issues and i am always hard working when there is a lack of people helping each and every year. It runs about 4 hours long but it makes me happy to just help out.

So one day Last year of 2017 I was doing it like i normally have done and i was running the kids
putt putt golf game (basically shoot the ball into the hole from 2 feet away) Any ages of kid could play. I am suppried the clubs and foam balls.
So This one lady comes up gives me her ticket and her kid plays and he doesnt make it in but i give him a prize (smaller) anyways.
The mom was livid and she ripped the club out of the kids hand.
Mother: What the ****” She started screaming, “Are you trying to kill my kid here with these iron clubs

Granted the clubs were sturdy but not iron just a harder plastic

Me: Ma’am its plastic and please stop yelling”
Mother: “F*** you and you trying to kill my kid

She started yelling and swinging the club as she brushed my arm

Mother: Im calling my husband to bring new clubs here”

And like that she took the clubs from the game and stormed off. I had to go explain to the event chief that she had taken the clubs and I couldnt run the game. If that wasnt bad a police officer came up to me and asked if i was the one running the golf game and when i explained yes He puts me in handcuffs telling me im arrested for endangering a child and groping a child and the mother. By this point I am livid and saying I have wittnesses and he said its my word vs hers and shes distraut crying right now to his partner. Thank god there was cameras in the school and it recorded everything to show I was right but the police said well shes not going to be punished for this it was just a honest mistake. Since this has happened the school does not want me back just in case because of this women and her complaint because she didnt like the clubs I was supplied. Further more I got charged for those clubs since they did not get returned.

Sometimes I hate the fact that in this town women with children are always seen as a victim first when someone is openly gay in town and harassed for it by both police and towns people. Only a matter of time before I leave for good I hope.