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College, my best friend is unfortunately rooming with somebody else due to a paperwork snafu. I’m helping her move-in to the dorm and am only a little shocked to see [Famous animated cult classic film about Halloween, starring a skeleton] memorabilia EVERYWHERE. I’m aware that the movie is popular, even though I don’t care for it. My complaint is that it is everywhere, with no regard to any potential roommate, including over the unoccupied bed.

And then this girl opens her mouth:

Roommate: I have a severe congenital heart problem and I can’t have any loud noises! I have a defibrillator in case my heart quits and you better not make noises at night! If you kick the wall, even on accident, I could have a heart attack and DIE and then you’d have to answer to GOD why you killed me!

My best friend has bad anxiety and this causes at least one panic attack, to the point where she’s spending more and more time out and about or in my room, than in her own.

The roommate, at some point during the first fall quarter, adopted a ferret and moved the smelly animal into the dormitory. Not only was that against several of the school’s rules, but she let it run around the room at will, through her laundry and my friend’s things also.

After about two weeks of that, my friend demanded a room change and reported the roommate, whose ferret was taken by animal control.

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