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, | Unfiltered | November 8, 2020

(My friends found a kitten in a roadside ditch, who had a badly infected eye. A few days after adopting him I brought him to a vet, where the best solution was to have his bad eye removed and the lid/socket sewn shut. Once the painkillers wore off, he was a very active and happy tabby who was very recognisable from his coat pattern, collar, and being a cyclops. We usually saw the exact same vet every time we brought him in – but at one annual visit we got a new vet, who was possibly fresh from college. The appointment went well up until she started checking his head…)

Vet: “Good boy, now let’s see those eyes..”

(She checked the right one with no problems – – then tried to OPEN his left!!)

Me: *trying not to panic or laugh* “No, it was sewn shut after the removal. *she tries again* It won’t open!”

Vet: “OH! I’m so sorry!! Sorry [cat]!”

(The rest of the check and his shots went well – he actually cuddled into me for that! – and she was quite embarrassed, but I still don’t know how she missed that he only had one eye…)