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There’s a gas station on the way home from my work, that also sells hot foods inside. The food is good and it’s very convenient, and the workers are always very pleasant, but this takes the cake. My boyfriend goes immediately to the bathroom, while I pick out a few hot food items that have already been prepared, and go to pay. When I get to the register, Worker #1 sees what I’m buying, and says she’s got it, and not to worry about paying. I’m really at a loss and thank her for her generosity. I’m still waiting for my boyfriend, and decide to get myself a cold treat from another part of the gas station. Worker #2 asks if he could help me with anything, I say I wanted a $0.50 ice cream cone. He also says not to worry about it, (even though they have an ordering system) I even ask for the paper so i can pay, but he says not to worry about it and hands me my cone. My boyfriend finally comes out of the bathroom, and his jaw drops at everything I’m holding. I explain what happened, and I tell him to grab a coffee so we could actually pay for something!