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, | Unfiltered | November 7, 2020

I’m the only customer waiting at the check-out behind the elderly lady who is currently served. I have only 5 or 6 items on the belt and the cashier is nearly done with scanning the elderly lady’s groceries, so by any means it is a short line when a woman in her 50s gets in the line. She puts her 3 items on the belt, only to pick them up immediately. She acts nervous and looks at the lines of the other checkouts, only to see those lines are slightly longer (2/3 people with carts each) and she puts her items back on the belt.

Me: “Are you in a hurry?” *Willing to let her go in front of me if she is*

Woman: *In a rather unfriendly tone* “NO! I don’t like to wait!”

Before I could react the cashier had already started scanning my items, so she had to wait her turn. But somehow I felt a bit sorry for her, if you have that little patience you must get a lot of frustrations in life.