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(I am the dumb customer in this story. I had just gotten out of the ER after spraining my ankle quite badly the night before. I’d like to blame pain killers for what followed, but I hadn’t taken any yet. We’d been in the hospital for hours so my boyfriend asked if we wanted to stop at a popular fast food restaurant near our apartment to get a bite to eat.)

Drive Thru Lady: Hi Welcome to *fast food restaurant*. What would you like to order?

Bf: Hi, I’d like a quarter pounder with cheese meal with a medium coke to drink.

Drive Thru Lady: Is that everything?

Bf: *Looks at me*

Me: Hi, yeah, I’d like a double double with only onions and cheese.

Bf: *Ever lovingly dissolves into laughter*

Drive Thru Lady: What?

Me: Why, what’d I’d say?

Bf: *through his laughing* She wants a McDouble meal, only cheese and onions on the burger with an iced coffee. *He drives ahead and looks at me*. Oh my, baby, a double double with cheese and onions?

Me: Shh, I’m in pain.

(Note: To any non-Canadian’s out there who may not know, a double double is a hot coffee with two creams and two sugars, which is my usual coffee order. Yeah, I basically asked for a coffee with cheese and onions in it.)

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