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(I work from home for an answering service that answers for doctor’s offices and hospital’s out of the U.S. on the weekends and after hours. The message taking program we use requires we take the information in a specific order. I love my job but occasionally we do get callers that make me want to smack my head against my desk. This is one of those callers.)

Caller: Hi, I’d like to leave a message to confirm my appointment.

Me: Certainly, Ma’am. Which doctor do you see in the office?

Caller: It’s Dr. *doctor’s last name*.

Me: Thank you, Ma’am. And may I have your name please?

Caller: It’s *name*.

Me: *Spells her last name out to her to confirm it.* And may I please have your call back number as well?

Caller: January 6th. I mean June 6th.

Me: *Assumes she’s trying to give me her date of birth as many callers tend not to listen to what we’re actually asking. I decide I’ll just take a note of it mentally for when it’s time to type it into the program.* Of which year?

Caller: *Rudely.* What? Do I even have the right number?

Me: Yes Ma’am, you’ve reached the answering service for the office. June 6th of which year?

Caller: This year!

Me: *Thinking that makes no sense, then realize she was trying to give me the date of her appointment.* I’m sorry Ma’am, I thought you were giving me your date of birth, but I actually need your call back number first.

Caller: Ugh! I said June 6th. You’re not listening to me! *Hangs up*.