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(Just before I turned sixteen my mum and I go into the bank to cash a cheque on my account)
Bank employee: You know, since the account holder is nearly sixteen you really ought to update the account type.
Mum: Will anything happen if we keep it like this for a while?
Bank employee: No, just do it in your own time.
(Fast forward several months and I have turned sixteen. We need to cash in another cheque onto my account)
Bank employee 2: There’s been a lock placed on this account.
Mum: What? Why?
Bank employee: The account holder is still using a young saver’s account despite being over sixteen.
Mum: But we were told that we should just change the account type in our own time.
Bank employee 2: It’s not my fault, the computer automatically locked it.
Mum: Well can you override it?
Bank employee: I can try.
(The bank employee eventually manages to override the lock, although not without a fair amount of grumbling)
Mum: I feel like this has taken more time than it should.
Bank employee 2: Well, it’s not my fault, the computers did it. You really should have changed your account.
Mum: OK, can I make an appointment to changet the account?
Bank employee 2: Oh, well the waiting list for appointments is really long. We can probably get you one in six months or so.

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