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About 8 years ago, I worked in a specialized medical equipment retailer. It’s a small shop and our clients were usually repeats so we got to know them pretty quickly. Occasionally we had automatic restock orders and we called the clients to pick them up if their account was not set up for delivery. These calls were made on Mondays. This happened on a Tuesday.

A little after noon, an woman about in her mid 20s walked in obviously in a pissed off mood. I don’t recognize her at all.

Woman: I was told I had an order to pick up.

Me: No problem. All I need is the account name or number.

Woman: (her name which isnt a common one but I recognize the last name as belonging to an older gentleman who I know has parts to be picked up. Due to policy, I look up the name I am given.)

Me: I’m sorry but I have no orders under that name. Could it be under a different name?

Woman: (looking like she is about to explode) yall called me yesterday telling me I had a fucking order ready for pickup. You find the fucking order and give it to me.

Me: Ma’am….

Woman: (beet red) Dont fucking call me Ma’am in that fucking tone. Have some fucking respect for your elders (I’m 29 and look young for my age. Unless she has really fabulous genes, I’m older than her.)

Me: (softening my tone) Ma’am, please watch the language or I will have to ask you to leave.


Me: I am sorry but there are no orders for a (her name). I do have an order for a (older gentleman with same last name).

Woman: That’s my father in law. Why the hell are yall calling me for his crap?

Me: I see we had an update in his file that he moved recently. Apparently your number was added as a secondary contact. His primary is noted to be disconnected.

Woman: (still pissed off and red) Yes, he had to move in with us since his health is failing. But that does not answer the question of why you are calling me for his crap. Remove my number from that account.

Me: ok. Will do. Please tell Father in Law to update his file with a new number for order notification.

Woman: We only have the one phone. His old phone was disconnected after the move. I dont want my phone on his files. I’m sick of this shit. All you leaches and quacks now have my number for his crap and I’ve been running around all morning getting my number erased from his doctors and shit. I dont know why my husband gave out my number for this crap. (She makes a wild gesture out to the front of the store.) He has no right using my number for his bullshit. He needs to fucking die already.

I looked out past her to the parking lot and saw Father in Law in the front seat of a very old car notorious for not having AC in its basic model. That’s when I realized this woman has her keys in her hand and even though its spring, in Texas, it gets hot quick. I looked back at my screen and notice the replacement equipment is for regularly used for serious lung conditions. I looked back out the front glass and notice Father in Law is noticably breathing heavily. I ignored the woman’s ranting and picked up the phone to dial 911. The woman started screaming at me as I stepped away and gave the information needed.

The hospital was just around the corner so an ambulance showed up quickly and the woman then turned around and started screaming at the EMTs for touching her “baby” (the car) to get to get to a man obviously now in distress. The police show and sequestered the woman in the lobby of our office so the EMTs could assess the older gentleman’s condition. As they loaded him into the ambulance, one of the EMTs came in to ask the woman some questions.

EMT: When was the last time he ate? His blood sugar is extremely low.

Woman: I dont know. We left at 8 this morning. I haven’t eaten today either. I had to deal with his crap today. Hes not my responsibility.

I’ve never seen so many jaws hit the floor. I left the room to keep from exploding on her. I heard some raised voices then I heard the door buzzer go off in the back indicating someone opened the door. I entered the lobby just in time to see the woman being shoved to the ground and handcuffed. She screamed about it not being her responsibility and her husband being up his fathers butt.

After the officers escorted her out, I told the officers, they could leave the car there until after hours to tow it since the parking lot is tight and usually very busy.

30 minutes before closing, I noticed a tow truck outside fixing to hook up to the car and a police cruiser pulling in a few spaces down. The officer walked in, who I recognize as coming in previously with the Father in Law although I had never seen him in uniform. He profusely apologized for his wife and picked up the order. A week later 2 dozen roses with another apology were delivered.

Side note, that officer and I got married 2 years ago, and Father in Law is still alive and kicking… and no longer needs that medical equipment anymore.

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