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, | Unfiltered | November 7, 2020

(I am in the cooler section with my sister. She has autism, and with that is some OCD. She likes rearranging things on shelves when we’re out. She is standing on the edge of the cooler organizing some things from the top shelf, when an employee restocking nearby walks over. I see her in my peripheral just standing there, and since she hasn’t said anything in the few seconds she’s been there, I pull out my phone. Eventually, after staring at my sister for around 30-45 seconds, she speaks up.)

Employee: So, is that like an OCD thing?
Me: *thinking she has no right to know my sisters diagnosis* Sure.
Employee: Well sometimes people can’t reach the shelves so I wasn’t sure.
Me: Is it a problem?
Employee: Kind of where she’s standing.
Me: And you couldn’t have said something?
Employee: I just did
Me: No, you rudely stared at her first and only said something just now.
Employee: Well I didn’t know.
Me: Generally, staring is considered rude.
(After she walked away I asked my sister to hop down. I understand it being a problem, but that wasn’t the first thing she said after being a rude b**** and staring! I’ve dealt with people staring at her before, but it’s usually children that are not standing 3 feet next to me.)