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My sophomore year of high school I was in this bundle course where we were taught math, science, and engineering altogether. My best friend was in the class, which was really great for me and so was this big group of guys that we were both friends with, consisting of both of our crushes. All my friends swore up and down that the guy I liked liked me back and I kinda thought so but didn’t really believe them We had assigned seats, and he sat facing sort of away from me, on the other side of the room. The big thing about this guy was that he would stare at me. A lot. Like not in a creepy way but it was fairly consistent. Yet somehow he had never noticed that I knew that he was starring at me. One day I had the feeling that he was doing it and I looked up and he had a look of pure shock and fear in his face, and I swear to God actually physically slapped his face so that he wasn’t looking in my direction anymore. I was trying really hard to not laugh, and nobody noticed this except for his friend who was sitting next to him, but he didn’t really say anything either. Fast forward about five more minutes and I start to get that weird feeling again and I look up and he started to stare at me again. I look up and he has the same look of fear and I kid you not slaps himself in the face again. I started to loose it that time, but I think the craziest part was that the next day he came to school with a huge bruise under his eye (Almost like a black eye) from when he slapped his face. Luckily he was in wrestling so he played it off like that was how it happened I assume, but he had the bruise for a good week. My friends and I have never forgotten about it, and whenever we do something kinda dumb lightly slap ourselves in the face

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