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I’m in town for an important job interview. I don’t drive and I’m on a budget so ive taken a bus and am staying at a house in the suburbs I found through airbnb.
I decide to go out for some lunch and head off in search of the local city bus stop. It’s cold, damp and I’m exhausted. I also don’t have change for the bus and am not happy about having to spend $5 on a $2.50 bus ride.
I can’t find the bus stop so i ask a lady who is out walking her dog and she directs me to stand by a sign at the corner. It doesn’t look like a bus stop but she assures me the bus will stop for me. Well, it doesn’t and I’m stuck waiting in the cold for another 20 minutes for the next bus. I manage to find the actual bus stop just before the bus pulls in. I get in.
Me: I’m sorry i don’t have exact change on me
I start to put my $5 bill into the slot when the driver stops me.
Driver: hey, don’t worry about it.
Me: really?
Driver: sure, you look like you’re having a rough day. You can get me next time.
Me: wow. Thank you so much!
He made my day so much better and i used the money i saved to get myself a little dessert! Thanks bus driver guy for making a rough day a lot better.

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