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I am the (admittedly cranky) customer in this one.

In my small town, there is only one coffee shop that stays open until 7 pm—all the others close early. This one also used to be my friends’ and my favourite hangout, by far. However, new management has recently taken over, and the last few times my friends and I have been there, we’ve noticed that they seem to start closing up way before 7. Not just bringing in outdoor furniture or whatever, but things like running a vacuum around the tables at 6:30, so that customers can no longer hold a conversation over the noise and are essentially driven out.

On this particular day, I am 8.5 months pregnant and desperately craving a cappuccino. I have errands to run, and rush through them to try and make sure I can get to the coffee shop before they close. I pull into the parking lot at 6:50 and waddle to the door. It’s locked. I check my phone again, it reads 6:50. I check the sign on the door, which says they’re open until 7. Frustrated, I knock, and after a few minutes, the new manager pokes her head out.

Me: Are you guys still open till 7?

Manager: Oh yes, but tonight we close early.

Me: (thinking she means all Thursday nights) You should really change your sign then, eh?

Manager: Oh no, we are open till 7. We just decided tonight to close early.

(There is no sign or anything anywhere to indicate this.)

Manager: Did you need something?

Me: I came here to get a cappuccino before you closed, but never mind.

Manager: (cheerfully) Sorry!

I waddle back to my car, drive to the nearest fast food place, order fries and the worst cappuccino of my life, and cry.

The lesson: don’t claim you’re open until 7 if you don’t plan to be open until 7. Don’t make the pregnant lady cry.