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I am a safety marshall at a large urban/outdoor site that hosts airsoft games, unsurprisingly the safety briefs are quite indepth and cover just about everything you could realistically think of.

Also unsurprising is the sheer number of people who manage to register absolutely nothing of what is said during the safety brief. Heres a couple of the more notable instances of idiocy.

We advise full face protection however we only actually inforce eye protection (ballistic glasses or goggles) and tell everyone to avoid deliberate headshots, cue watching a guy during the first game pretty much shoving the barrel of his gun into someone elses mouth and firing, cracking two of the guys teeth, the shooter was banned for life, the guy who got shot needed emergency dental work funded by the guy who shot him.

Another rule is no firing full auto indoors, some of the higher end offerings on the airsoft hardware market can achieve as high as 25+ rounds per second and being on the recieving end of this in an enclosed space is not pleasent. Fast forward to game 2 of the day in question when I caught a guy with a light machine gun going full auto on a regular players unfortunate girlfriend (he’d brought her along to give it a try that day), he was banned for the day and kicked off site, came back another day and did the same thing and got a lifetime ban. The girlfriend was so hurt she couldnt play the rest of the day and left early with the regular, who later reported she’d taken close to 100 hits and was bruised up her side for 2 weeks. She never came back.

The majority of airsoft grenades dont disperse projectiles on detonation, most simply make a bang and thats it, to account for the fact that most grenades wont “hit” you when they go off we have a blanket rule that if you’re within 15 feet of a grenade when it goes off and arent behind hard cover (a wall, door etc) you’re dead. The schools of thought when a grenade is thrown at you are generally run or take it. However we once had a guy who decided that he would take one for the team and dive on the grenade thus in his head “saving” his nearby team mates.

The non projectile grenades are generally pretty harmless, dangerous only when within a few inches of you. In diving onto the grenade this idiot concentrated the blast almost entirely into his sternum and suffered quite extensive tissue shock and burns to the affected area. He was taken away in an ambulance and even now 4 years after this particular incident we still use it as a demonstration of what really not to do.

You’d think the stream of idiots would eventually thin out but no, they keep coming, and so I cherish the rare but glorious days when I have 150+ players on site and not one of them is a moron, pretty rare I can tell you but damn it feels good when it happens.