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(A little bit of background: A couple of years ago, my debit card information was compromised, and my card info was sold on one of those blackmarket websites for Cyber Monday. Fortunately, my bank has a wonderful Fraud Prevention Department, and no charges went through. However, once I was alerted that my card was disabled by the FPD, I went in to figure out what was up. I discovered that MORE THAN 800 FRAUDULENT CHARGES had been attempted on my card in the last 36 hours. The print out I was given ranged from Uber charges -this one in particular I remember because it was almost $1000, charged in Dubai- to gaming and movie streaming networks, to online stores and many companies I didn’t even recognize, charged from all across the globe. The employee that helped me said that in her 30 years of banking, she’d never seen anything so extreme. Though it wasn’t thier fault and they helped handle the situation wonderfully, I pretty much stopped trusting any online or mobile banking options, and now prefer to do any banking in a brick and mortar building. They noted this in my account, and any necessary communication was set up to contact me through calls only. Recently, I recieved an email “to confirm [my] email address by clicking the link provided.” Though the email looked official, the return address seemed slightly different than I was familiar with, as it abbreviated part of the bank’s name. With an uneasy feeling in my gut, and concerned at the possibility of a scam, the next time I went in to the bank, I decided to inform the teller of the email I recieved, and ask if there was any information to verify in person. This was his answer:)

Teller: *in a bored tone* Well, did you click the link?

Me: No, sir. I was concerned that it might be a phony email scam. If I can verify any information now, in person, I’d rather do that.

Teller: Well, if the email says it’s from us, click the link. Have a good day.

(I left not feeling very confident in the teller’s advice. Seeing as how it is not a preferred method of communication, I decided to discard the email- without verifying. I have not heard anything else.)