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A few years ago, I was night auditor for a local hotel in a small town in Minnesota. I had many great customers, and yet there was always one or two that could be brought up here every month of my employment.
Weddings are a huge part of the hotel industry, and a great money maker, as multiple rooms are booked. We would go out of our way to make sure everything went well for the Bride and Groom. However this one guest stands out as the worst of all guests I had to deal with.
The noise complaints for this wedding party were run of the mill and at an average for weddings. It was closing in on two in the morning, and I had the audit done for the night. At midnight, I had done my rounds, and locked all of the outside doors. Guests could enter and leave with their key cards at any time.
The problem guest, however, knocked on the front door. I could smell the alcohol on him from the front desk, before I approached the door. I asked him how I could help him tonight.
“I don’t know my room, and I need to get back in.” I asked his name, and he wasn’t a registered guest.
I said, “I’m sorry, but your name doesn’t appear on our hotel list, do you remember who you were staying with?” At this point, the guest’s smell was enough to give me a contact high from the booze on his breath.
“I don’t remember. Let me go knock on the doors.”
“Absolutely not, your party is not the only guests at our hotel. I can not permit you to do so.”
The person then attempted to go around my desk to knock on the hotel room doors. I quickly invited him to leave, which he eventually did after threatening to call the police.
Shortly thereafter, I heard a car alarm, and the guest was trying all of the car doors in the parking lot. I called the police, who arrived within 15 minutes. Keep in mind, we were a small town hotel.
The police knocked, asked me several questions, and I explained the circumstances. My hotel shared a parking lot with a restaurant, and the officers went back out to question the restaurant staff. They were hoping that the person had gone there.
Shortly thereafter, as I was cleaning the lobby, I noticed the drunk patron, passed out on the lawn furniture just outside the front door to my hotel. The officers had walked by him to come to talk to me, and passed him to go to the restaurant to question the staff there.
I called the night supervisor of the restaurant, as we had them on speed dial for special guest orders, and asked her to send the police back over here. I had found him.
I watched as the officers picked their new guest up, loaded him into their car and left. I went and grabbed a much needed break, and called my manager who laughed her butt off at the situation.
My manager had my back, and I always had the option to boot someone who was causing problems. I miss that job, and especially that boss!

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