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(It’s a weekend morning and I’m heading over to a library branch I’ve never been to before to find a book I’m after. This location is in a very nice middle-upper class residential neighborhood. This branch is clearly a place often frequented by families/young children.

As I’m heading toward the building door after parking, I notice a 35-40yo man dressed in a trendy-casual sports outfit, about 2 dozen feet ahead of me also heading into the library. He’s got what looks like his 5-7yo son with him. The dad apparently noticed me, because he makes a big show of “gallantly” holding the door and waiting for me.

I’m generally very uncomfortable with people doing this for me; as I’m able-bodied so it’s completely unnecessary, but it seems there’s nothing to do in this case – and anyway I’d never want to do anything that’ll seem rude or confrontational in front of someone’s child when they seem to be trying to model good behavior for them. I’m going in past the man.)

Me: *offhandedly* “Thank you.”

(I generally have a rather quiet voice: it’s been that way since early childhood – nothing to be done about it.

In a split second, the man turns nasty: )

Man: *loudly* “You rude Bi*ch! Who do you think you are, not even thanking me for opening the door for you?? Here I am, doing you such a courtesy, and you’re so insolent and uncouth you can’t even say ‘Thank you’!! That is so offensive!!”

(He continues ranting and cursing at me in vulgar terms for my “terrible rudeness”. Meanwhile his young son is standing right next to him, quietly watching this scene and listening to everything.

I was so shocked I physically stepped back from him, and then just walked very quickly away into the building, with the man still shouting after me.
I did my best to immediately hide among the library shelves so I didn’t risk seeing the man when he also came in, and to not give him any chance to go after me to keep shouting; which I’m sure he’d not have hesitated to do even inside a library.)