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As sweet old lady from my church has just died of a ripe age of 91. Following the funeral we relocate to my church for the luncheon or wake. This lady had an amazing sense of humour and honestly was a real smart ass she always had the best come backs so in all honesty I’m not sure if her relative was trying to be a smart ass or what. Also note the man is older I say 60+ while I’m 25 and had my 2 toddlers with me.
Everyone has finished eating and are not just socializing, myself and a few others start cleaning up. I’m going around with a garbage can collecting garbage. To reach one pile of plates the easiest way because how everyone is standing/sitting is to reach between two men who are sitting down. I apologize before I reach and the one man tells me not to worry about it.
The second man as I’m reaching “trying to sit on my lap are you”
Me: “no sir my husband wouldn’t like it if I did that.”

Seriously don’t hit on people like that in a church especial not during a funeral.