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(Rambling lady calls in ranting about her rate changing, upset that we never give her a notification about changes)
Me: Thanks for calling, how can I help you today?
Lady: You guys keep changing my rate, one year it was one amount and now its more! You never even send me anything, I get no notification!
Me: I am sorry to hear you did not receive any notification about a price increase, I would be happy to pull up your account and see what happened, can I please start wi-
Lady: Yes look at my account, I have been with your company for 15, no, 11 years. Look at my account.
Me: I just need to start with the primary cont-
Lady: Its for (dogs name)
Me: Ma’am what is your phone number please?
Lady: I have been with your company for 13 years! And you just think you can change my rate without even telling me! This is fraud!
Me: I do apologize ma’am but I am going to need the phone number to pull your account up
Lady: My name is Riled Up Lady and my pets name is (dog’s name)
Rolling my eyes, I repeat the request for a primary contact phone number and finally get her to provide me with her phone number.
Me: And just to fully verify your account, what is your address on file please?
Lady: Just tell me why my rate change, that’s all I want.
Me: Ma’am, we do need to verify the address to be able to access your account.
Lady: I don’t know, I sell my house in ____ and then I visit my husband who works for (large company) and I have a house in (other state) that I rent out to someone, just tell my why my plan is more!
Me: Do you recall what the most recent address you may have used?
Lady: I don’t know why you need that, I just need to know about why my plan is more.
Realizing we will not be able to verify her account by address, I verify account by some details about the pet (age, gender, breed, color).
Me: What I am showing is that the plan just renewed for (dog’s name) and there was an area-wide increase for the area we have you residing in.
Lady: And you sent me NOTHING?! When I have been on your insurance for 12 years?! (she’s been on it 4 lol)
Me: We actually did send you a notification about rate increase on (date) to the address on file in (city, state)
Lady: I don’t even live in that town, that is where my husband is. I can’t believe you did not send that to ME!
Me: We sent it to the address you provided us. This is why it is important to update your address so you are receiving important notices. I would be happy to put a current address on file so we can make sure you do get these kind of notices in the future.
(Client rants for several minutes about not receiving her notices, something that happened in a vet clinic over a year ago and a bunch of random unrelated ranting)
Lady: At this point, I just want to cancel this stupid plan, you are an idiot and you don’t want to help me.
Me: I am trying to help you.
Lady: Then why aren’t you sending ME information.
Me: Because YOU did not update your address. If you do not notify us, we have no idea that you are not at that address, it’s your responsibility.
Lady: I just give you address to my house that I rent out in (other state)
Me: Is this an address that you receive mail at?
Lady: No, someone else lives there. You just want address? I don’t know why you are so difficult, this is the reason I hate this company!
Me: Is there maybe a good MAILING address for you?
Lady: I just want off this phone, put my rental house’s address on.
Shaking my head, I update her mailing address to the house she rents out to someone and doesn’t receive mail at. This call took over twenty minutes to get through.