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(I went to a local chain supermarket, picked out a couple of items, and took them to the self-serve check-out. A cashier is standing there, ready to help; he tries to take my items, but I hold on to them).

Me: “It’s all right, I know how to use the machines.” *joking* “I’m still waiting for them to take over the world.”

Cashier: *chuckles*

(Everything was fine until it was time to pay.)

Machine: “Your total is $2.80.”

Me: *puts in a $2 coin and two 50-cent coins*

(I guess I put the coins in too quickly, because the machine didn’t pick up on this and said I only put in $2.50. The cashier comes over to help; he reversed the payment, and out popped $2.50.)

Cashier: *dubiously* “There’s only $2.50 here.”

Me: *slightly annoyed* “I know that, but I put in $3.00!”

Cashier: “Really?” *looks at the screen* “Oh! There’s still 50 cents in there.”

Me: “Oh, good! I told you so.”

(Cashier puts in my money and gives me my change.)

Cashier: “Have a good day!”

Me: “Thank you.”

(I wasn’t trying to make a fuss; I don’t mind 50 cents here or there. But I didn’t like the machine implying that I hadn’t paid.

I also felt bad about being annoyed at the cashier, so I gave the supermarket a call later to apologise and thank him for his help. He was touched!)