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My husband and I are driving home at nearly midnight on Thanksgiving after spending the day with his family. It is worth noting that his mother and I have never seen eye-to-eye so I am exhausted from “playing nice” all day. We are less than five minutes from home when a state trooper pulls up behind us, lights on and siren blaring. My husband (who is not white, though I am) is driving. He pulls over as far as possible and we wait. The officer approaches on the passenger side, my side. I roll down my window.

Officer: License, registration and insurance.
Husband: My license is in my wallet in my back pocket, officer, and the rest is in the glove box. May I turn on the dome light?
Officer: Fine.

My husband turns on the light and pulls out his wallet while I get the registration and insurance from the glove box.

Me: Did we do something wrong, officer?
Officer: I’m addressing the driver of the vehicle. I have a camera and microphone on my person. This interaction will be documented for everyone’s protection.
Me: *stunned (offended) silence*
Husband: What seems to be the problem, sir?
Officer: You can’t come flying through these back roads, son. (He doesn’t look at our paperwork, nor my husband’s license) Do you know how fast you were going?
Husband: Uh, 10? 15?
Officer: You could have hit someone.
Me: What is the speed limit here, anyway? I’ve never seen a sign.
Officer: (ignores me, looks at the registration) I don’t believe you are (badly butchers my very common “white girl” name). You mind telling me who owns this car?
Husband: Well it’s in her name (points to me) but we’re married and the insurance is in both our names.
Officer: You let him drive your car?
Me: (momentarily considers sitting in silence) Yes.
Officer: Are you under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, medication or anything else which would render you incapable of driving your own vehicle?
Me: (Does indignant rage count?) No.
Officer: So why is he driving your car?
Me: He’s more comfortable driving at night. How fast was he going? What is the speed limit here? There’s no sign.
Officer: It’s right there. (Points to a sign facing away from us) Clearly you shouldn’t be driving at night, maybe at all.
Me: (done with him) That’s a one-way sign.
Officer: You wanna go look at it with me?
Me: I can, if you’d like. (I unbuckle my seatbelt)
Husband: (My husband grabs my arm) That’s not necessary. Are you writing us a ticket, officer?
Officer: If I catch you speeding again, I will. You understand?
Husband: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

The officer returns my husband’s license and our papers and we go on our way. The officer walks back to look at the sign. Since we can see his lights from our home, we wait for him to leave before driving back up. The sign in question was, in fact, a one-way sign. The closest speed limit sign is four blocks away, listing 25MPH. We never drive over 15 in that area because there are small children and many cats and wildlife in the area.
We reported this incident to the state police but never heard anything more about it. I’m not saying all police officers act like this but this was two years ago and as many times as I’ve gone over this in my head, I still don’t know what this officer hoped to achieve by pulling us over.

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